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If you are thinking of setting up a small business yet you are still unsure of what you exactly want to do or are scared to death of not being able to generate good business, then you must try looking into these franchise opportunities and choose the right one that will suit your taste and budget. An important factor to take in consideration is your ability to actually run your chosen franchise opportunity efficiently and successfully.

One of the most popular franchise opportunity nowadays is the “EmbroidMe” franchise opportunity wherein you can create custom-made apparel as well as merchandise which has embroidery on it. EmbroidMe actually has the tagline, “Casually Dressing the World” in its retail showrooms wherein it aims to make their company known through all forms of medium, in corporate marketing programs as well as over the internet. EmbroidMe is outfitting their customers with creatively customized apparel not just for work but for play as well. They also offer all sorts 會計審計 of promotional merchandise as well as advertising specialty items.

The catch point(s) of the EmbroidMe franchise opportunity are its sudden commercial boom. Its a highly new and fresh revolutionary industry concept. This franchise opportunity’s great and organized system allows the wonderful opportunity of being your own boss. You do not have to answer to anyone but yourself! According to Ray Titus, the president of the EmbroidMe company. They are looking for willing entrepreneurs who are dreaming of running and managing their own business but in spite of just having a small business, they are well provided with many benefits that a stable global company can offer them – not to mention, mass purchasing power as well as great advertising apart from the other possible additional help that your EmbroidMe franchise opportunity might be needing in the future.

EmbroidMe offers full service embroidery as well as screen printing and other promotional products to its customers. The EmbroidMe “empire” actually now has over 250 stores all over the world and has been rated as #1 in the industry for four consecutive years as well as being one of the 50 fastest growing franchise opportunities according to Entrepreneur Magazine.

When it comes to the EmbroidMe staff’s training and support, a turnkey franchise the EmbroidMe company will actually assist in the demographic studies of the area that you want to put up your EmbroidMe franchise. A study on your site selection as well assistance on lease negotiations would be conducted. The EmbroidMe company will also coordinate with you for renovations that will be done on your store. This franchise opportunity will also provide an excellent 4-week training program for you and your staff. Not only that, this franchise opportunity will also assist you in conducting interviews, hiring and training prospective EmbroidMe employees since this is a service oriented franchise opportunity it is highly important that every employee must be able to comply and adhere to EmbroidMe’s strict rules and regulations.

The special features of this franchise opportunity are the following: turn key, absolutely no experience is needed, it is not a seasonal type of franchise opportunity, it is a business to business franchise opportunity, it needs only two employees and is a part of a $20 billion plus industry.

Another hot franchise opportunity is the “SIGN*A*RAMA” franchise opportunity which is considered as the largest full service sign franchise in the whole world and has over 700 “SIGN*A*RAMA” stores in 30 countries while being rated as the #1 in the industry for 6 years running by Entrepreneur Magazine. Also headed by EmbroidMe’s president Ray Titus, “SIGN*A*RAMA*” is just like EmbroidMe. “SIGN*A*RAMA*” is also looking for willing and able entrepreneurs who want to have their taste of being their own boss while having the incredible opportunity of being part of a well-known company.

When you sign up for this franchise opportunity expect to receive the following premium features: when it comes to equipment, they have the full service sign centers wherein they make the most of computerized sign making technologies. The “SIGN*A*RAMA” Sign Center actually allows the customer to have a look at the draft of the sign that they wish to be made before it gets the “go-signal” for it be printed. This franchise opportunity will also assist franchisees in picking out their desired franchise location, their lease as well as in the marketing aspect of the business.